Is PML-Q that Bad?

No they are not bad, they are worst. I don’t have any personal vendetta against them, but as a common Pakistani, going through all what a common man goes through daily, I surely believe that at least Cycle is not they emblem-to-be-stamped on 18th February.

I cannot stand a single day of yet another PML-Q government. That’s scary and that’s disgusting. I don’t even consider this party a party. It’s a grotesque conglomeration of turncoats, opportunists, or in short lotas. Just look at their chemistry of bondage, and you would know their chain throughout Punjab with some spill over in Sindh and Balochistan and NWFP.

It’s not about all those flour, sugar, oil, cement, steel and other crisis. It’s about democracy, media, and judiciary. In their tenure where they have ruined the lives of Pakistanis, they have also struck at the core institutions of the country.

These elections will be infested with rigging, beyond doubt, as our dear Attorney General has told us through his leaked audio tape, but vote is powerful than the rigging.

3 thoughts on “Is PML-Q that Bad?”

  1. Fahd should be very happy, now that the PML-Q has lost. But there are strong indications that Musharraf is pressurising Zardari to form a coalition with Q-league and MQM (along wih a few independents). So it looks like we’re in for another crisis.

  2. Thank you Qaiser for enlightening us with your insight. Thousands (actually hundreds) of readers have found you comments very useful. Ok, I cant lie any more, I am the only one who read this 118 times. (sorry!)


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