Is Google Pushing Microsoft Towards Disaster?

The battle of supremacy in the Virtual world is getting fiercer day by day between Microsoft and Google. Though its a never ending game, as newer things will pop up, but even the stakes in the shorter run are too much to ignore. You can’t even blink an eye lest something gets missing.

At one side, when Microsoft is beginning to face a very aggressive Google, who is all set to dampen MSFT’s efforts to acquire Yahoo, as Microsoft did when Google wanted to acquire Double Click, and on the other side, there are huge loads of Yahoo consumers who will not be retained by the PC software giant, if those consumers perceived that Microsoft is not focussed on the future, and it was all about undermining the Google’s position.

Pedigreed computer engineers, scientists, programmers and designers would also want to work in something more cozier, friendlier and candid, as things are already not that much open-ended a the highly corporate Microsoft. So Microsoft is facing some new challenges while the old ones are still to be tackled with.

Another point of view is that Yahoo is an almost dead beat now, and Microsoft is just purchasing a dead elephant, and Google has only come forward with its opposition to push Microsoft forwards to go with the deal just for the ultimate grief.

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