Is Chief Justice Against Love?

No no, don’t take our dear Chief Justice wrong, he is not at all against marriages, or legal love bonds or even against Marriage halls. No sir, he is the promoter of love, relationships and family values. He would be surely the last person on earth to speak against marriages and the places where they are held. He himself is a very happily married individual.

His recent spicy statement is against those marriage halls which are built upon illegally on the grounds, which are primarily allocated for agriculture forms. And in those marriage halls, everything happens except marriages. Though still whatever happens in these marriage halls can be loosely said to be related to love and relationships and fun, but the only problem with the intimation programs held at these marriage halls is that they are free of any social taboos and moral values.

Reports are that naked dances, key-club cabins, drinking, gambling, even random orgies are the major attractions of the programs held at these halls, and yes of course entry is strictly controlled, and poor “Shauqeens” like me and you can only write blogs and comments about these, and secretly wish that chief might have told more about such programs, so that at least we could fantasize about them.

I read in the Nawa-e-Waqt of 14th October (Yes, I confess on Eid day I was reading Newspaper), that a farm house in Lahore has been reported to arrange topless dances with ample supply of drinks, and in the dim light, and in lush green lawn of farm house, along with erotic music, vertiginous beauties and unrestrained youth go bonkers. Rest could be created and savored by your wild imagination.

These farm houses belong to the big shots of all walks of life. They are the same big shots, who licked the boots of British, and who washed their dogs. These are the same big shots who were kept standing outside with dogs, while British enjoy inside. They are the same big shots who have sucked the country dry, and these are the same big shots who are ruling us for 60 years. These are the same big shots for which we clap and raise slogans in the public meetings and processions, and these are the same big shots to whom we salute, and these are the same big shots who sell us their damn products.

Now, decision is yours, as really chief justice of Pakistan is against love?

2 thoughts on “Is Chief Justice Against Love?”

  1. Dear Adnan,

    You’re right, I would’ve loved to go to those farms and enjoy myself if I’d been the son of one of those guys who, according to Fahd, served the British and have sucked this country dry. However, since my father had to struggle to raise a family, he made me realize the value of money, and in my own career I’ve gone through many ups and downs. Of course, I might have turned into one of those who go to such places if I’d been educated in one of those schools where there was no discipline, but since I studied in a missionary school where I was given a sound thrashing whenever I missed homework or did something which offended my teachers, I turned out to be a God-fearing person. But I would like to know why you concluded that I’d be pleased to visit those farms where so much “ayyashi” takes place. Was it something I wrote? Was it because I asked if it is a sin to enjoy life? And just to give you some idea of the kind of person I am, let me tell you that I never took up smoking, neither have I ever drunk the forbidden liquid, although I had every chance to do so, having grown up in those years when alcohol was freely available in the country.

  2. OK let me be an educated and enlightened soul and condemn him:

    Oh My [fill this space] (no GOD here since I keep religion separate from state) !!

    Iftikhar is just being a judiciary Mullah!- How dare he declared all *sacred activities* over there as Immoral??? He just wants all of us to wear black *Coat* like Burqa. We need to getrid of Him ASAP otherwise he would convert *our Asima Jehganir* a *mullahani*

    On a related note, Shakir Lakhani must be very pleased to visit those farms 🙂


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