Iraq’s Toll Rising

Iraq seems a distant land to us, though now in our apathy even the FATA seems a distant land, but we should our future in the mirror of Iraq. The death toll in the Iraq of civilians is rising, and the ominous presence of US forces in that land is only added fuel to the fire.

United States forces are using the Iraqi forces as fodder of the cannon, and most of the deaths are from the Iraqis. Only Muslims are dying from both sides, while the US forces are giving safety and security to the oil production and transportation to the US, and also they are giving protection to the US contractors, who build those road and other infrastructure which US forces destroy.

At least 38 people were killed in two massive bomb attacks in Iraq Thursday, 20 of them dying at the hands of a suicide bomber as they held an anti-Qaeda meet, officials said. The bomber blew himself up in a municipal office in western Iraq’s Anbar province, killing the local mayor and at least 19 senior members of an anti-Qaeda front, according to Iraqi officials.

The situation in our FATA area is also very alarming and as the US is threatening to come into the FATA area, same scenes would be repeated here. We need to come to our senses very quick.

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