Iraq Slipping

United States is not way too sure about the Iraqi situation and the so-called surge which apparently worked for some time has worn out and now the violent acts are again rearing their heads and the US forces are failing to accomplish anything.

United States is now adopting some very Draconian measures in the Iraq to suppress the insurgency and in their bid they are adopting many frightening measures and the violation of human rights is immense.

According to the reports, US forces are holding 15,000 prisoners, most of whom have been detained without charge under the authority of a UN Security Council resolution which expired on Dec 31.

Under the terms of a bilateral pact which took effect on Jan 1, Washington agreed that all its prisoners would either be transferred to Iraqi custody under arrest warrants from Iraqi judges, or freed “in a safe and orderly manner”. The agreement does not mention any mechanism for continuing to hold prisoners without charge, and Iraqi legal experts say there is no such provision under Iraqi law.

Both Iraq and Afghanistan are getting out of control of the US and instead of focusing on its economy US is more interested in war mongering.

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