Iran’s Oil Threat

The soaring crippling prices of oil has burned the economies world wide, and the recession is the order of the day, with no relief in sight. This is yet one another heavy side effects of the United States war on terror, and one should be thankful to the George W. Bush in that regard.

Iran is also one of the biggest producer of the oil, and hence greedy United States is eying it with jealously and hell bent on attacking it and conquering it’s gold-exuding oil fields. Israel and America are fully prepared to launch a full blown aerial attack on Iran, and they are just biding their time.

Whereas Iran is also very much ready, and showing unprecedented resistance in front of this blatant aggression. Iranian Oil Minister Ghulam Hussain said Iran would react to its enemy with full aggression and said oil prices would be increased to high level across the world in case of attack. He further said Iran will not act as silent spectator and would launch a counter attack. He was of the view that recent rise in oil prices was the result of fears of attacks on Iran. Oil prices would increase further if US and Israel launched any attack on Iran.

Can Pakistan take a leaf out of Iran’s book?

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