Iran Twisters

After his failed attempt to muscle through his way into the nuclear program of Pakistan, the European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana has been assigned to the Iran, and where he is having even a more difficult time as the stubborn Iranians even not meeting him.

The United Nations, the lackey organization of United States, has imposed three sets of sanctions on Iran in a stand-off that goes back to the revelation in 2002 by an exiled opposition group of the existence of a uranium enrichment facility and heavy water plant in the country. And now they have given a fresh ultimatum to the Iran to suspend and then rollback its nuclear program of which Iran has given a cold aggressive shoulder again.

“Any kind of suspension or freeze is out of the question, It is not in Iran’s agenda to discuss this issue.” Such are the words from the Iranian officials, and that is to say of just a mild approach. Pakistan must take a leaf out of Iran’s book who has rejected massive and lucrative technical and commercial incentives to suspend uranium enrichment from the Western powers.

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