Iqbal Ka Pakistan

In the long evolution of history nations seldom find a situation, where they find it better to hide their faces than to stand up and face the reality. Hope that science very rightly never went so far that a mechanism could be invented where the travel from “past to the future” becomes possible…….. especially in the case of Pakistan.

Imagine on this 9th November we are all glued to the screen, not to watch a new debate on NRO or Kerry Lugar bill but to see a noble soul standing under the shadow of Minar e Pakistan and asking 180 million inhabitants of this “land of pure”. What has got into you in the past 63 years? Where have you aligned yourself in this league of the fittest? Where has the blood of morality, humanity, dignity and justice disappeared from your veins?…….. rest assured that their wont be a voice to ring your bells because even Iqbal would not take the credit of saying “YEH HAI IQBAL KA PAKISTAN”?

As I said in the start we have our faces to hide because this accountability is out of our league, we have sunk so deep that even we have lost faith in ourselves, our existence. On every anniversary all I hear is the same argument, we have forgotten the philosophy and the message of Iqbal! Ahah, I believe now that all those years it was right there, it is just that we cannot face the reality of a mirror that Iqbal’s word will transform into.

Excuses and allegation, this is all our politicians and the masses have found to be the best tool, and I am no different. Great games, foreign appeasement bla bla… many excuses. Is it not that we have failed within our capacity to be a nation of which we would have been proud of? Dictatorship, democracy, free judiciary, civil war and Allah knows how much more……the only thing we have forgotten in all this evolution is our identity Pakistan and our religion, Islam……….

Just start from bottom to top this time around. People and especially women passed away while fighting for a bag of flour, a student lost his battle for future because there was no light for him to study,, a father left his son crying as the VVIP movement never permitted his ambulance to reach the hospital, a mother’s son blew himself with neither she knowing why he did it nor the innocent who went with him………………IQBAL KA PAKISTAN!!

They say at top that send a complimentary note to the imperial for granting us 1.5 billion $, what is the big deal even if we surrender our existence?? Lets shut the trap of this media because it is making the masses to rise for there foundation?? Let us welcome the “black/white/red water” into Pakistan, aren’t we the part of global village………………..IQBAL KA PAKISTAN!!

Be happy my fellows like me as there is no soul standing in the shadow to ask us about our deeds. At least on another 9th we have been saved from accountability……….lets again talk NFC award………lets again bring NRO2………lets again make a march and return while Amina Janjua and her children sit outside the Supreme Court for there missing one to return………this is our Pakistan……….we have shaped this but for how long is the question now………IQBAL——Ahah

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  1. Nobody will come to help us in this commercial society. We need to take initiatives to help ourself and fellow human beings. Can we start implimenting the truth in our daily lives for one day? If we can not weare surely doomed!!!!!!!


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