IQ is in Your Hands

Being more intelligent is not natural. Everyone is intelligent at the same level. Humans are humans because they are intelligent. It’s not that one is more intelligent than the other. It’s just that one happens to be more smarter than the other. But the good news is that one can enhance his smartness and his IQ level.

According to Carol Dweck, a psychologist who has been studying beliefs about intelligence for decades,”When talent or IQ is believed to be fixed, this assumption can cause people to believe that it just isn’t worth trying hard because they – or the people they lead – are naturally smart or not, and there is little, if anything, anyone can do about it. BUT raw cognitive ability isn’t nearly as difficult to enhance as many people think. When people believe they can get smarter, they do. BUT – and this is very important – when people believe that cognitive ability is difficult or impossible to change, they don’t get smarter.”

It’s a common occurrence in our society that when people believe that they are not smart, or less smarter than others, they start pretending that they are smart, and they start trying acting like the people to whom they think more smarter. It takes them nowhere, and instead it makes them more dumber. The best course of action in this regard is to ignite the change agent in oneself. When you think that you are not that smarter as your competitor, than don’t try to copycat him, try to change yourself from the core.

Accept the challenge and break the shackles apart. Just believe that it’s all in your mind, and you can shake the world and you can outsmart anyone. You have got the natural flair of intelligence, now you have to recognize it, and then polish it with hard work and perseverance. It’s not that smart people don’t work hard. It’s just that they are smart, because they know that smartness only comes from hardwork and by changing with the change.

Dweck also says that,”when people believe they are born with natural and unchangeable smarts, it causes them to learn less over time. They don’t bother to keep learning new things and improving old skills, and even when they do try, they don’t enjoy it. But people who believe that intelligence is malleable keep getting smarter and more skilled at what they already can do, and are willing to learn new things that they do badly at first.”

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