Internet…An Amazing Technology!

The use of Internet has widely spread in Pakistan during last six years. A few years back, I remember it used to be very expensive about ninety or hundred Pakistani rupees per hour and now so any companies are offering it at as low as 2 Rs. Per hour. What a decrease in prices and now you can easily afford it.

This is really an amazing technology. I remember when I used to be in class six, seven or eight we used to write to letters to our cousins and waited desperately for the reply in the other week. But now it’s so simple to use e-mail. We can now get the reply in one day and we have not to wait for the whole week. That has really set a profound effect on the way people communicate and the way even the organizations operate.

Internet is also being used by colleges as a facility for delivery of distance education. It has the recreational use as well. Now you can play games, find information, chat or even make a telephone call. One can also find songs that are old or new on the net without purchasing the cassette or CD.

Internet is like a miracle and the blessing. Where it has a lot of uses, it has the bad things as well but it’s upon the user how he makes use of it.

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