Born as the military and then spread as a means of communication between researchers from universities, the Internet has become part permanently, in the last ten years, our daily existence. A computer, even very recent and powerful, a modem, for the most sophisticated one web-camera, and we are in touch with all the world.

Many are skeptical about this new communication system. Some think that the Internet, widespread throughout all families, as now occurs throughout the western world, is a false need, led by industry, generated by the hidden persuaders usual in order to sell more personal computers and other technological gadgets absolutely unnecessary.

Other apocalyptic fear that the new technology will strengthen loneliness or isolation of contemporary, free the psychopathology more turbid, contributes to the spread of the lonely crowd, made up of millions of atoms without ties characterizing now the life of the modern metropolis, facilitates the criminal and antisocial behavior.

The pornographers, terrorists, fanatics, drug traffickers and scams of all kinds are certainly in a network technology that makes more effective their destructive intentions. The network, ultimately, it reflects society. Beset by constantly Male and characterized by violence, corruption and crime.

But the network also has interesting potential progressive, democratic, disclaimers and this is the main reason why its spread throughout the world and is for that reason that the tyrannical and totalitarian regimes the fear and the censors.

Internet acts as a multiplier of information and knowledge, democratically gives the word to all, encourages interpersonal contacts, exchange of ideas, goods and services.

The Internet, especially, allows an important exercise of freedom: anyone can speak on forums or newsgroups, or build a site or a blog personnel; everyone, therefore, is given the opportunity to speak, talk, disseminate their ideas, put into play on a global scale. The only discrimine is rather between those who have access to new technologies and those who unfortunately it is still excluded for economic reasons or education. And this is perhaps the most important battle in the future: to ensure access to the network to as many players as possible. the Web, an entirely free, Wikipedia, consulted daily by millions of people.

Today, thanks to the Internet, many users have turned into entrepreneurs. Through the development of e, have formed new companies, which use new sales channels. But most of all, millions of fans were able to turn their hobbies, their passions vital source of income, although still very low, thanks to advertising revenue. Internet accelerates changes and prefigures the society of the future.

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