Internet Pornography

Let’s start by defining pornography (” porn “). The dictionary says it’s obscene literature or images having little or no artistic merit. Until the internet, people usually had to go a bit out of their way to read or view porn but now it is free, private, easily accessible and can even pop up on your computer screen without you asking for it. Statistics show that viewing porn on the internet is very common and apparently not limited to a perverted few. It’s even very common among young teens. The problem is much more wide spread now because the internet makes it just too easy to access porn and some of the material is very hard-core. Computers make frequent viewing convenient.

Pornography “addiction”: Pornography can readily become an addiction, rather like addiction to drugs or alcohol. Certainly there are many thousands of people who feel compulsively drawn to pornography to such an extent that it is messing up their lives. A progression in the level of “addiction” may occur. After a while a person may become bored with the same old images or stories he/she has found satisfying and will begin to seek out more extreme, kinky material. After a while, a person’s judgment about what is immoral, repulsive, or illegal may become blurred and anything seems “normal.?”

A more subtle psychological issue can result from viewing porn at a young age. It turns out that our early experiences with pornographic images often stay in our heads.

Issues for Females: The vast majority of pornography is produced by and for males. Much of it is degrading to women and some of it portrays violence toward women and even small girls. This is an important political issue that should cause girls and women to object to the content of much porn. In Europe and America any sexually explicit material involving children is illegal.

I think our government should block such sites just like it has blocked websites that have published blasphemous cartoons. This thing is corrupting our society…literally!

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