An exposure to lots of disparate things would give your imagination more to work with. Brain likes to work continuously. A brain with nothing to do gets dull, but the automatic part of our body starts daydreaming in the case, when brain is not working.

It’s not that the people who daydream are shoddy, lazy, unintelligent or plain idiots. In a gathering normally the most reticent ones, who appears to be daydreaming is the one who is better mentally than the rest of the blabbers.

According to one school of thought, it is wise to think before you talk. That way, one would be able to appreciate good things better and see bad things coming. People who talk the most and love talking think less than people who think before they talk.

Learned, stimulated and intelligent are not the characteristics which can only be attributed to Think-Talkers rather a daydreamer can also have those features. According to one other school of thought, there is a group of people who thrive in a gathering while others don’t. Those who don’t become drained by having to try to be social. While they might be able to spend hours pouring over the status of shares for their company they quickly become exhausted while trying to hold a conversation at the annual office party.

There are groups of people who can say every word that runs through their head and can talk for hours to whoever they come across. But there are some people who don’t utter a word at the gatherings; they are mostly the extreme cases of introverts. But being an introvert doesn’t mean unintelligent.

Introverts are the best daydreamers. Somebody who chooses to escape a social gathering by daydreaming because he is getting bored or who just don’t want to open his trap is somebody who gives up instead of using his brain to participate and make it more interesting.

In a social interaction, if you share common interests with the people present then you will enjoy and the chances are more than higher that you will speak your hearts out, even if you a staunch introvert. But if you are an extrovert, and you are just an art graduate, and you are enclosed in a room filled with Plastic Surgeons, then how many words you would utter?

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