Insane Leadership!!

Like many, I preferred to take the back seat and asses what has been going on in and outside our mother land for the past few weeks. First we were facing the most severe power crisis in history, soon we had an army of well equipped Taliban ready to tear us down, drones bombarded our tribal areas as if they were conducting shooting practice while we lack one element which is required to take us out of this sage…….” Leadership”.

The capability of our executives is nothing less than an open diary, whose every new page narrates a battalion of misconducts and follies. Instead of working for a long lasting democratic system for this state, they have done every effort to bring the entire system to the brink of collapse. They would boast of the success of their candidates whom have been declared “ fraud” just a few weeks earlier by the respectable courts. Instead of obeying the ruling in cases like “NRO”, they will employ all their energies, bags filled with dollars and special chartered planes to break the unity of bar and the bench.

Instead of following the leads coming out of media as it is done in every civilized society, they found it legal to block their transmission, bribe their owners without realizing that by hiding their fake degree holders, they are in reality eroding the real base of democracy and in return the future of our home land. Having said this, their policy toward anti terrorism is also in front of us. Today on every forum they are seen claiming the honor for successful operations in Swat, but they fail to mention the very fact that it was them who validated the “rule of gun” under the Swat peace agreement……..of course with there capabilities we cannot expect strategic decision out of them.

The recent episode has really placed 180 million Pakistanis to the edge of their tolerance and all we can say is “when will the end arrived for this so called puppet setup”. Firstly, the heart of Pakistan and the base for Pakistan’s trade, Karachi is on fire. It has nothing to do with the recent assassination of MQM member parliament, but in reality it was a volcano waiting eruption. The “ Mafia” culture of Karachi is no different from what we hear in Rio de Jinaro…….Till now we have wasted all our efforts in vain to dig out the link between political parties and this mafia dealing in land grabbing, terrorism, drugs and Allah knows what else. Lets be clear that from time to time all the political stake holders of Karachi have taken refuge under the dark shade of violence, and its simple that now this has back fired on each of them. From my side the situation in Swat some months back was no different from what we see today in Karachi…….law no where and streets reflecting “Wild Wild West”.

If we considered 8th October 2005 as the deadliest day in our history, the recent monsoon floods have changed this view. Nearly 75% KPK, 40% Southern Punjab and the same ratio of Balouchistan and Sindh in under water, right now. The administration has not only failed but rather it has given an image that we are novice beggars with nothing in hand. Despite early warnings all across Pakistan it seemed that the authorities had planned a “slow death” for the affected.

On the international front, some one like David Cameron, hardly securing seats to establish a coalation government unleashed a series of insult on our foreign policy, our institutes and we as a nation itself. This shouldn’t be ignored especially in the context of US folly in the shape of “WIKI LEAKS”. Having said this, the President is on a family plus state trip to convince them of our democratic values and commitment toward saving their sissy soldiers, away from home in Afghanistan. In case it was difficult for the President to displease his friends in Europe, he along with foreign ministry should have taken a categorical stand on this issue, instead of hiding behind the bush for cover.

To Cameron, I must congratulate you for winning such a fan following in New Delhi and I pray that soon after your retirement, atleast Mahesh Butt would like to cast you in a role atleast. But what to say about him, the real grievance is from our own who preferred to disgrace us rather than to stand up. Lets pray that among many other blessings, Allah gifts them with a soul that cares for respect, humanity and pride…….Ameen!!!!

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  1. I think its a crafty government. Altho not interested in working but can shut up the opposition. In times like these the opposition scores points and take over ultimately. Insanity doesn’t prevail in government benches only, its accross as well. You know One gets freaking sick of the same whining over and over again. All papers are filled with government this government that~!!! what the heck. The boss is partying and populace is suffering. Its perfect monarchy!! The crown prince is ready to take over. The no-so-graceful show of bilawal advertisement wouldn’t be over any time soon. Until he takes over. Hey wait, taking over what!!! sheep and the pastures there is nothing more left.


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