Little children are really innocent. Everything of there is enjoyable.

My cousin Awais who studies in class fourth is very cute and nice. Today morning, his mother sent him to get bread from the market and he went very happily. Then he told everyone that I went to buy the market alone. My mother was also sitting there and said that I want yogurt. Awais rapidly said that I can get you that and asked how much to get “aik durgen” ya “aik pao”. We all laughed at his innocence.

Ammi said that “Awais ub tou tum baray ho gai ho” and he said “ tou pehlay he bara tha aur mughay market janay ka bohat shauq tha”.

My mother then asked him to get “zarda rung” and he went saying that “men Zarda lenay jaa raha hoon”. Bhala paanck rupay men kon sa zarda aata hai?

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