Inferno Round the Corner

Into the tough fabric of the tribes, there written is the inscription of war so deeping enshrined in their culture so much harder for us to even fathom. But even this on going baseless and hopeless war on terror has baffled the tribes and now they are on the brink of devastation.

Enough damage has been done to the infrastructure of the villages, towns and the cities of the North West Eastern Province, which were the most peaceful in the region, living under laws that had prevailed for centuries, and were left alone even by the British. Today, every warlord, militant or religious leader is trying to impose their writ of fear with savage bloodshed. Even a fierce sectarian violence is going on the fringes of war on terror in the Kurram Agency, in which thousands of people have died in just two months.

The Japanese and the Viet Cong used the same methods effectively, and they were not Muslims by any standard. This is the deterrence any ruler cherishes, for no number of cameras can equal the preventive effect of fear itself. The Taliban have found the answer: suicide bombing in the public, for maximum effect.

Only unity in our ranks could save us from the inferno just round the corner.

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