Inferno in FATA

After Khyber Agency, Tirah Valley, Hangu and Kurram Agency now the flashlight and the guns seem to be focussed on the Bajour Agency, where a severe fighting is going on, and the security forces are claiming achieving many milestones. NATO forces are also around the corner, and according to unconfirmed reports also firing occasionally at the hideouts of the militants from across the borders.

At least 70 militants have been killed and 60 others injured as clashes between security forces and militants continued here in Bajaur Agency, though the causalities of the militants are unconfirmed, but the heavy losses are there, and the alarming thing is that the Taliban have vowed to retaliate and have asked people to stay away from the security forces.

One wonders apprehensively, as why don’t security forces once and for all launch a comprehensive operation and why they attack the militants in bits and pieces, and what about those peace grand jirgas. The tone of Hamid Karzai is again getting fierce and the blame game is running high with no result in sight.

Once again, inferno is burning in the FATA.

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