Ineffective democracy

Experimentation is needed for any theory to be made practical. Democracy considered as best form of governance has been experimented by the civilized nations. It acquires an educated; law building and sense of responsibility as foremost important ingredients to be effective aiming direly working for maturation of the polity. Drastic lacks of these attributes has therefore contributed in ineffective democracy in Pakistani society.

The road to democracy promised by the present regime in form of holding general elections is a last resort to tackle a nation that seems to approach violent means of expression considering them more vocal, leaving no room for consultation, debate or negotiations. All these behavioral ambiguities if analyzed refer the psychology of Pakistanis making Pakistan a country that no one wants to be friend with. The weak attributes of our leaders give an impression that they want to chose between national interest and the support of there allies.

Democracy is accountability. Without ensuring freedom of expression and dissent democracy acts like a retard human who has all his other physical functions working fine without a mind. The Martyred of democracy – Benazir Bhutto died during the campaign of this promised election. For any reason the elections are not held or postponed then there is no infirm cynical thought that it would mark of another encumber in history of Pakistan; not only will this but it defect the purpose of elections.

The nation must break the silence and should demand the answers except for this one that who is to be blamed for all? It is no one else but was us all the time contributing in strengthening the chains of dictatorship and feudalism. It was not America or the army; neither was it Taliban or any other foreign spying agencies that corrupted, weakened and hollowed the inside of Pakistan’s polity and it thinking methodology.

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