Indo-Pak Tension

India’s National Security Guards ‘s commander declared the operation completed after over 59 hours of militants’ rampant carnage all over the vintage points in Mumbai, which left nearly 200 dead and over 300 wounded. India’s Home Minister Shivraj Patil has submitted his resignation in the wake of attacks in Mumbai that left nearly 200 people dead. The resignation has been submitted to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Things are heating up in the India and the tension is riding high.

The reason behind all this tension and heated up arguments is that Indians are trying to hide their weaknesses and utter intelligence failures and they are trying to mask their own failure to harbor harmony among the majority and minorities and find it safe putting blames on Pakistan. This has become a habit of the Indian media, officials and the army.

The Indian media should have behaved responsibly in view of the delicate situation emanating after the attacks in Mumbai. It’s they who have started blaming Pakistan for the attacks without any proofs and now all the tension emanates from it.

2 thoughts on “Indo-Pak Tension”

  1. Hi,
    I am from India and I hate Indian politicians putting the blame instantly on pakistan to save their asses. Indian population is sentimental fool. The politicians will say aggressively that we will act against pakistan and all kind of rubbish just to incite patriotic feelings and so that ppl think that politicians are doing something.

    The truth is that Indian politicians are totally incompetent and unprofessional. First of all they should come up with solid evidence and then if the guy arrested is indeed frm pakistan than too it doesnt imply that he was sent by pakistani govt or common ppl of pakistan have to do anything with that.

    I sincerely believe that India should collaborate with pakistan instead of issuing futile and stupid warnings, because both countries have the same enemy i.e. terrorism. Terrorists want India and Pak to fight so that focus shifts to eastern frontiers of pakistan and they can save themselves at the western frontiers.

    In the end I would like to thank you guys for being sensitive about ppl killed in Mumbai. And I would like to apologize on behalf of indian govt for its stupid blamegame. I like pakistani blogs and bloggers. Lot of Anti Indian sentiments 🙂 but i understand that fully…neither govt have done anything to combat that animosity.

    Love frm India..


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