India’s House Out of Order

After the gory attacks in Mumbai on 26th November, India has been accusing Pakistan for the attacks and demanding from world to attack the Pakistan. That and upon India’s immense false hue and cry, the United Nation has slapped a resolution, while our representative in the United Nations remained busy in some other protocols.

India is raising all kinds of hell but she should also see what the hell its army and police are raising in the held Kashmir. People over there are ill at ease with the Indians and they want independence. Whooping 95% Muslim population has boycotted the elections in the Kashmir. Hurriyat Conference called for a boycott of the polls, arguing elections strengthen New Delhi’s hold over the held valley.

As the Kashmiris boycott the elections, the Indian army starts new round of atrocities against the Kashmiris. Four protesters and three policemen were hurt during the clashes in Koel village, near the town of Pulwama, 35 kilometers (21 miles) south of Srinagar. Police hurled tear gas and fired into the air to disperse hundreds of anti-election demonstrators in held Kashmir on Saturday during the fifth phase of staggered state elections.

The home breed militancy in India is due to the Indian subjugation of the minorities throughout India. In Kashmir, Hyderabad, Sikkum, Nagaland, Benagal and other parts of India, hundreds of separatists movements are going on. India first set its own house in order before accusing others.

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  1. When the UN Security Council was passing a resolution against Pakistan and Pakistani organizations, Pakistan’s UN Ambassador was busy looking after Zardari’s idiot son who came to receive a UN “award” for the numerous occasion his mother betrayed Pakistan.

    Once again the Bhutto progeny has proven to bring bad luck and a bad name to Pakistan since the time Z A Bhutto presided over the truncation of East Pakistan in 1971 so that he could rule over what remained of Pakistan.

    I am completely disgusted by Mr Haroon the Ambassador’s ineptness which he has justified by showing off Bilawal’s award at his press conference which the Bhutto family can shove where the sun don’t shine.

    Even if one does not support the agenda of Jamaat-ud-Dawa/ Lashkar Tayyaba, a UN sanction against these organizations hurts Pakistan’s interests directly.

    Or take the recent airspace “violation” ( was there bombing too?) by the Indian Air Force which India officially denies.

    Pakistan’s stupid sluttish Information Minister has quoted India as claiming the strikes were “inadvertent”. Even if they were, Sherry Rehman should wait for India to say that instead of acting as India’s Disinformation Minister.

    False assurances, failed defence and foreign policies and spreading enemy propaganda are characteristic of a PPP government.


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