Indian Passport but Dil Pakistani

“Jee, mera passport tau Indian hay laekin dil Pakistani hay” this was the reply of the handsome looking young guy as I asked him where he is from while meeting in the mess of the Industrial city of Saudi Arabia. I give a full look at that guy, who was wearing a shalwar kameez and had a small beard on his fair complexion face.

My past few month’s observations clearly reflects that Muslims of India are different from Muslims of Pakistan, even though wear shalwar kameez, speaking a mixture of Urdu & Hindi, cricket lovers and many more things are found in common. But this guy who belongs to the paradise of Kashmir shows at most resemblance with the Pakistanis. In his acts, talking, life style and the most important, in his thinking. This is not just about that only Kashmiri, if you are in the right place to find multinational people, you can easy count these Indian held Kasmiris as Pakistanis. I emphasis here the thinking, this is one of most interesting thing, my observations are that the thinking of Indo-Pak people have not changed since 60 years, still a Pakistani whether he is inside Pakistan or outside believes that the making of separate Muslim national is totally in the favor of Muslims and Islam of the region but Indian Muslims still have the same ideology that making of Pakistan was wrong and Muslims of the region become week after the separation.

Coming back to the people of Indian Kashmir, these people are always found in the communities of Pakistanis even if many Indian communities are available around them. There concept about Pakistan and Islam is as it is as we have. We have read in our books that Kashmir is linked to Pakistan through social, cultural, moral & religious values and found the proof here. Although our past few years policy could not be very supportive to Kashmiris but our heart still beats with them and most important is there heart still beats with us and may Allah continues that God gifted relations among us, Amen.

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  1. I can tell you that almost all Muslims in India support Pakistan. It’s only people like Shahrukh Khan who are anti-Pakistan. Even during the height of the Mumbai crisis, Simi Garewal said that Pakistani flags were flying in Mumbai’s Muslim localities, therefore India should carpet-bomb Pakistan! Pakistan will always live, as long as there are Muslims in India!


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