Indian girl kills herself after being rebuked for talking to a boy

This is something that one would have thought happened only in Pakistan or Afghanistan. But 18-year-old Anithra of Uttar Pradesh killed herself after the chairman of her college rebuked her for talking to a boy.

Strange, even after watching all those Bollywood movies and Star Plus programs where boys and girs are seen with their arms around each other, Indians are so narrow-minded. What’s so bad about a girl talking to a boy? Only an Indian can tell!

6 thoughts on “Indian girl kills herself after being rebuked for talking to a boy”

  1. Shyam: we don’t have anything against common Indians, however if you read Indian newspapers you see a lot of Pakistan-bashing. Sometimes, according to Indian media, it seems that Pakistan is responsible for everything that goes wrong in India (even babies born out of wedlock!).

  2. Hey shakir,

    Indians and Pakistanis are all same.. after all we were and we still are brothers, just that now we don’t talk as much as 65 years ago… 🙂

    And as with the percentage, I would say, its probably 50%-50% than a 5%-95%… trust me, its not tht bad here… if it was so common, it would not have come in papers… 🙂

    Anyways, I have been a reader of this site for a couple of week now. Its really nice to see what the real people of pakistan feel about india and of course things that happen in their own country.

    To the extent that we have seen, I felt our brothers on the other side are kind of used to India-bashing, for small and some trivial topics. I haven’t seen one neutral or a positive article about India in this site till now. Sadly, I could sense a lot of underlying animosity in people in pakistanis.

    I really hope this changes and may be some day, we can have a cup of chai together at your place or mine talking about how good the things are now.

    Regards and love,

  3. @ Shyam: you can see that India is not much different from Pakistan, right? The Indians that we see on TV and in Bollywood movies are maybe only five percent, while the remaining ninety five percent are ignorant and narrow-minded.

  4. Hey shakir,

    yes, it happens in India too but not many times.

    And hey whats with this generalization with all Indians ??

    I think that’s a little too exaggerated to generalize it narrow-mindedness to all Indians. right?


  5. OMG……Indian students r so much stressed.. the incident is somewhat similar to 3 idiots & ironically student is also from Engineering faculty as in the movie. V sad 🙁


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