Indian $450 million aid for Afghanistan

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced an extra $450 million aid to Afghanistan for reconstruction taking the total amount of aid over a billion dollars it had promised earlier. The increased in this amount was promulgated during a two days visit of Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai to New Delhi. The Afghan president made this visit after the Indian embassy was hit by a major suicide attack in Afghanistan, which India blamed on Pakistan.

Manmohan Singh said that attack on Indian embassy killing 60 people “has tragically shown that terrorism has no barriers and is not bound by restrains.” He added that it was an attack on the friendship between India and Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai said, “All allies should recognize the seriousness and brutal nature of militant radicalism which is targeting women, children and others whenever they can.”

Both Singh and Karzai avoided any straight reference towards Pakistan being involved in the attacks that previously they accused of aiding militant groups including the recent embassy attack.

3 thoughts on “Indian $450 million aid for Afghanistan”

  1. Its but a shame for the foreign policy makers of our country that after bearing the load of million plus afgahnis and providing them with all necessities of life in our own homeland FOR YEARS have resulted only in bitterness. This is nothing but foreign policy drafted by the grand losers. I think accountability should start for these misadventures in formulation of the most sensitive strategies for our country. I dont even wanna insinuate at Muslim Ummah intervention.


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