India Wants People, Who are Not There

In order to save face in the wake of blaming Pakistan for the Mumbai Attacks, India has asked from Pakistan to hand over twenty people. It’s really funny that India has asked for those people, who are not even Pakistan and Pakistani government itself is trying to find out them. This could be the moment for both countries to join hands and find those people together. The Indian list included Dawood Ibrahim, a Mumbai underworld leader, and Maulana Masood Azhar, a Pakistani cleric freed from jail in India in exchange for passengers on a hijacked plane.

Pakistan is showing extreme restrain and offering unprecedented assistance to the Indian counterparts. In a significant move to assist India in the investigation of the Nov 26 Mumbai terrorist attacks, Pakistan has formally proposed to New Delhi that a joint commission co-chaired by the national security advisers of the two countries be constituted at the earliest to specifically look into this incident.

Pakistan has condemned in the strongest possible terms the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Pakistan has condoled with the families of the victims and the people and the government of India; Pakistan has reiterated the assurances of our utmost cooperation and assistance to bring the perpetrators of this heinous act of terrorism to justice.

India must understand that the issue of terrorism is a major challenge of our times and we should fight it together.

5 thoughts on “India Wants People, Who are Not There”

  1. Yes!! You are in the system and you can’t change the system being in the system. First thing is that i don’t blame anyone neither pakistani’s nor indian’s. Everything the same. Noone is bad by birth. There are these bad people acting good and very few good people who become bad in this corrupted system.

  2. @Ashfaq: you say I’m weak in history, yet you don’t know that Musharraf did not attack India after he overthrew Nawaz Sharif! First there was the Kargil war, then Nawaz was removed because he tried to prevent Musharraf’s plane from landing in Pakistan. Secondly, please read more about the atrocities of India in Kashmir and other countries. You will find details in books which are available in libraries outside India. Finally, can you tell me why there is not a single Muslim columnist or writer in Times of India? I have personally seen discrimination of Indian Muslims because I still have relatives of my age in India.

  3. @shakir
    Narendra Modi & Bal Thackeray – They are not killers of muslims. Narendra Modi’s party the BJP has a very prominent presence of Muslims – to an extent that Indian Muslims foresee Shahnawaz Hussain as a strong candidate for PM. Read

    by and large lots of muslims join BJP (or for that matter any political party) cause they feel they are really welcome in shaping the country as an equal-priority-citizens. Read

    Ours is a country which gives reservations to indian muslim for jobs in govt. sector

    Regarding Kashmir – If Al Qaida, LeT & ISI stop messing around with Kashmiri people then kashmiri people will be able to live in peace. They want the firdaus-e-zameen to restore its original meaning. If ISI stops terrorising people then everything will fall back in palce.

    Excuse me Shakir – what did you say ? Deccan and Goa were invaded by India. Please read history or rephrase yuour word. Or may be the Pakistani govt. (which is actually a puppet of Paki army) and paki historinas are miguiding you innocent & naive citizens

    Shakir, whatever you do in your life, I bet you are weak at international politics & history. read it again. Then you will learn that LTTE was created on the behest of Sri Lankan govt who wanted help of Indian govt to counter the growing naxalism in Sri Lanka who wanted to jeopardise the ruling govt and were assasinating ministers aft ministers.

    Bangaladesh & Nepal also propose for support from govt of India to establish democracy and restore it in shape. You might not understand it cause every pakistani president is either assasinated or a millitrary coup over powers him. Thats the history you people are use to so you wont undertsand the meaning of democracy.

    Rahi baat dhoke ki – so I ask you why did your own millitary threw Nawaz Sharif and Musharrf over powered ?? Just because ISI wanted to attack India in Kargil ? No sooner did musharraf over powered he attacked India.

  4. @: Unbiased Indian. Will you please explain why India is not able to arrest Muslim-killers Narendra Modi and Bal Thackeray? Why has India stopped the flow of river water into Pakistan? Why is India holding on to Kashmir although the local population doesn’t want to be part of India? Why did India invade Hyderabad (Deccan), Junagadh and Goa? Why did India create the LTTE and helped the Tamil Tigers to destabilize Sri Lanka? Why does India interfere in the internal affairs of all its neighbours (like Nepal, Bangladesh, etc)? The root cause of extremism in the region is the Indian government’s suppression of its minorities.

  5. The sad part is the Democratic government is just the good face of pakistan to show to world. Actually the ISI is the one that deals with the External and internal Issues of Pakistan. Remember 1998 How Musharaf smashed the government and came into power. and the kargil war was planned by Army without mentioning it to the Government.

    I Believe in the Peace process between india and Pakistan. But before that Pakistan govt. should take the full control over the Country including ISI.

    Now Even European Government is saying that ISI is using supporting terrorism.


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