India Should Solve Its Own Problems

The Indian agencies’s security failures are in no small part due to the Bhartia Junta Party (BJP) (and its militant wings like RSS and Dal) own brand of religiously influenced vote bank politics that has left it with a weak and unconvincing stance against both Hindu and Islamic extremism. BJP now relies solely in uniting the extremist and fundamentalist Hindus under its umbrellas and they are pursuing every kind of hardliner approach to just win the elections.

India is a big country, a country where 80% of the population is Hindu, and the Muslims are the greatest minority with 15% of population. Though the BJP cannot ignore the percentage of Muslims, it is mainly focussed on pleasing the Hindu hardliners which also over shadow the liberal and moderate Hindus.

There is no denying the fact that the loss of innocent lives anywhere in the world by anyway is extremely tragic and sad and cannot be supported, but it’s equally paramount that the sanity should prevail and its time that the world learn to counter the terrorism. The India prides itself in a secular state, but that ends there and the reality is grim and very cruel and the outfits within the India are real culprits.

Therefore, mushrooming Hindu extremism cannot be tackled head-on, and especially when the elections are going on in the sex biggest and very crucial states of India and when BJP badly needs a win to survive in the multi-plural society of India, where they want to dominate the Hindus.

For the moderates in India it’s surely an unenviable position to be in and the Congress-led government has itself to blame for failing to rise above this kind of politics and to take on the fundamentalists more aggressively. Manmohan Singh must rise to the occasion.

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