India Raises Hell

According to the media reports, India is very much distressed over the relations with Pakistan, and its lobbyists have raised extreme hell during the visit of Pakistani premier in Washington, and they played a pivotal role in pressing upon the United States officials to twist the arms of the Pakistanis over the role of ISI.

Indian lobbysist and the congressmen who are on their fat payroll also played their part in exploiting the situation, and that also created problems for the Pakistanis, and due to the ill capacity and mismanagement Pakistanis were unable to respond in befitting manner, and the PPP officials mostly remained in enjoying the land of Washington instead of serving the interests of the country.

Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon of India has told media reporters that the recent violence was “unfortunate” and “affected the future of dialogue (with Pakistan)”. The relationship between India and Pakistan “is in a phase which it hasn’t been in the last four years”, and also Menon and other Indian officials are accusing Pakistani in the bombing in Kabul and other places, and they are finding it apt to criticise at the Pakistani security forces.

Pakistan need not to get tense and frustrated, and they should make it clear to the international fraternity that its just the media typhoon created by Indians to blackmail Pakistanis.

2 thoughts on “India Raises Hell”

  1. India can not be trusted. They will hit us whenever they find us in difficulty. They did that in 1971 and they will always do when ever they find an opportunity.

    My advice to ISI is to keep India pinching as what is doing with Pakistan from its back i.e. from Afghanistan. We should keep increasing our nuclear weapons and missiles so that India will have to thinl 10000 time before repeating 1971 war history.

    Long live ISI


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