India-Pakistan Friendship

It seems as though because of leaders of both sides, the common man in both countries has made it a habit to hate the other without reason. If government of a certain country is messed up, why should I hate the people living in that country. Or if certain people follow a different religion, why do I have to hate them. It is only the devil that incites hatred.

Before the British invaded India, there was only one country, And we should remember that we fought against them together, whose purpose was to divide and rule. Hindus and Muslims fought side by side, shoulder to shoulder, as brothers.

It seems like we need a reason to fight. In the name of nationality, religion, sect, caste, culture, and whatever we can find. Last time I checked, we were humans. Even animals learn to live in co-operation, so why can’t we? The worst example of hatred is the breaking of TV sets by people on both sides of the border when their country loses a cricket match. Let’s learn to love.

The best thing said by some people is that it doesn’t matter whether India wins or Pakistan. The trophy will come back to the subcontinent. To those people who hold such mentality, I can only say that calling it commendable would be an understatement.

Visit any website run by a Hindu and you will see all kinds of rubbish against Muslims and Islam. Visit any website run by a Muslim and you will see India bashing. It’s about time we stopped all the nonsense and grew up.

I don’t want to get too serious so here is a little humor. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “India-Pakistan Friendship”

  1. Muhammad Yusha read the history and see yourself what these hindu’s have done to Muslims in past, and Pakistani’s doesn’t hate indians..but hindus are the ones to provoke us by waging wars on us.

  2. “visit any website run by a XXX and you will see YYY bashing”

    Exactly. XXX and YYY have the same behavior.

    But it does not mean that they can get along. In fact, they cannot.

    Many businessmen want XXX and YYY to unite. I mean mainly bodyshop based IT companies (Infosys etc), cricket, bollywood businesses. They will benefit hugely from this. Of course defense businesses and middlemen will be the loser. For politicians I think it will not be overall good. So it will never happen !

  3. “Before the British invaded India, there was only one country”. Wrong. India was never one country. There were hundreds of small and large states, each with their own currency. Hyderabad was the largest state. Even the Mughals could not unify Indians. Even before the Mughal Empire disintegrated, the Sikhs were ruling Punjab, Peshawer, Kashmir and parts of Afghanistan (for a brief period, they even controlled Kabul).


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