India Going Off Limit

Pakistan is doing its every bit to appease the world which is goaded by the India to show eyeball to Pakistan and that puppet and disgusting eunuch body United Nations has also slapped ban on some organizations in Pakistan without any proof and only acting upon the poisonous propaganda, the world leaders like Gordon Brown are threatening Pakistan, while India basks in innocence.

The Indian violation of Pakistan airspace was highly condemnable and one hopes that the government would take everybody along in this grave situation. Relations between the two South Asian states have deteriorated in the wake of the devastating siege on India’s financial capital, which New Delhi blames on elements in Pakistan.

According to the media reports, the Indian jets flew over the Pakistani-administered part of Kashmir and the eastern city of Lahore, both places where the militant group India blames over the attacks is active. Indian aircraft entered into Pakistan’s airspace at two different sectors and were swiftly responded by the efficient Pakistan air defence system, forcing them to return to their own territory.

Adventures like these by the Indian air force in these troubled times could trigger a tragedy on both sides.

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  1. Osama is still an absconder and not a criminal since he hasnt been tried. Altho this pre-text was used to invade 2 countries and still effective to invade more.. Thats for one man. The justice to kill millions for one man. OK. and Iraq WMD was a lie but still the shamelesness doesnt end US is still in Iraq for what? Killing and oil i wud say. All has been reported by western media. Even the contractors conference for Iraq and the blatant refusals by neocons to refute their previous statements of concrete evidence of WMDs in Iraq.

    Muslims are PROJECTED to have a confined view. Why invasions on Mulsim lands? under what international law? why guatanamo bay has only muslims? hey if u dont wanna believe its your choice not truth.

    They arent doing anything about N kOREA. Iran is being targeted again due to Zionist paranoia

    What enemy? theres is no threat to US. The WTC is a horrible history which everyone laments. But for 3000 people US has already killed 6 million including innocent civilians ALL MUSLIMS and they are still going on. Also if u didnt know US since its inception has killed 20 Million People in all of its away from mainland wars… seems like all are there to destroy US but it is saved each time.. how wonderful.

    Alex it was US that created TALIBAN and OSAMA was a close buddy of BUSH family. Like always they were betrayed by US and now the friends and heroes of past are the greatest enemy. Pls look into history a bit.

    BTW there is colossal evidence that 9/11 was an inside job all by western media and no official version has came out. Please go through net to fins what I am talkin about regarding 9/11.

  2. if you dont believe western media .. O.K.. At least read news frm pak media . they have confirmed that “Kasab” is a pak national. Kasab , who fired indiscreminently at innocent people is seeking legal help frm pak. Do u support such person? He has written a letter to his parents abt how he got into hands of LeT and he regretted of what he has done.further he confirmed that other 9 were also frm pakistan. He told that LeT wants to create a Islamic country in Central asia.Tell Me who is playing on the name of relegion. With full respect to ISLAM,i m not against any relegion but against such people and those who support these views and ideas.

  3. Kashif H. .
    You raised a very good que. that why every action is taking place in muslim countries.
    1.Osama,Al quada,LeT,many others are fighting in the name of relegion.Its not the western world but these people who are so called ‘jehadis’.
    2.The muslim world has a very confined view and treat everything as a threat to Islam.
    3.U.S main aim is to prevent possession of nuclear weapon to any country irrespective of relegion.(Iran,N. Korea)
    4.U.S consider its ‘enemy’ as an ‘enemy’ and dosnt differentiate them acc. relegion.(eg.North Korea)
    5.lack of willingness of muslim countries and local support to militants raise doubts over these countries.
    No one in U.S knew Al-Q and coudn’t even point afganistan on map.Only after 9/11 U.S bothered abt terrorism.So saying U.S is against Islam is totally false.

  4. @ devesh they didnt mean strike they were out to screw around so they did and ran away. If they wanted to attack they would have been shot down and war would have started. Indian planes violating pak air space is ploy of pakistani..ISI maybe .. wow APPLAUSE!!!

  5. If the actions taken by pakistan are under pressure from India, then it is really sad. I thought that this time pakistan is really serious about removing terrorists from its country. No matter how much pressure the US, India or world creates on pakistan, if pak is not willing then extremisim and terrorism factories will continue to flourish……and sooner or later these terrorists are going to have access to pak’s nuclear tech.

    And all this rubbish about Indian violation of Pakistan airspace is pak ploy to divert attentions. What do you think… indians planes were on a casual trip to pak border….I they ment strikes they would have done that.

  6. Alex in todays world its not a biggie to accuse some nation and legitimize invade that country. We have been watching this since starting of this war of terror where only muslims are targeted. How can the world be so naive and think only muslims are terrorists when Muslims are being the only aggreived party and slaughtered everywhere as if not humans. Why is it that the countries invaded in the name of terror are only muslims? awesome rationale.. the world created an issue by letting israelis torture and cleanse muslims in their own land claiming it is theirs… then we see Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Chechnia, Kashmir, Sudan, Pakistan, Syria all eye sores all terrorists. I would advise you to stop watchin to much main stream media since it has devastating effects on western public opinion. You dont even know how it feels when u r innocent and being tortured just for some ulterior motive. Offcourse its a conspiracy against muslims and war on terror is actually 3rd world war that is to wipe out more humans than ever before. wait for ur turn. The war mongers have no religion or race I forewarn you.

  7. hmm.. U have written many articles against U.S and India.
    I have read somewhere that the terrorist detained by India has accepted that he is frm Pakistan which is confirmed by many International news agencies.
    he also accepted that other 9 gunmen were also from pak and were supported and trained by ISI-LeT. Now he is seeking Legal aid frm pak. Do u have anything to write on this?


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