India and Pakistan exchange prisoner lists

Once again Pakistan and India have exchanged the lists of incarcerated people in each other’s countries. These lists have changed hands after the recommendations of a combined judicial commission. These modalities were finalized in the meeting held in Chundigarh, India last month and a combined judicial committee was formed, which was welcomed by many.

Pakistan has given the full list with all the pertinent information to India of its arrested citizens in the Pakistani jails, whereas India hasn’t given the full list and even has just provided the names of people present in Indian jails without any further information.

These are very sorry state of affairs. We Pakistanis are showing extra soft hands towards India. We are even releasing their convicted spies, who were here to demolish Pakistan, whereas they are not only sending us the dead bodies of innocent citizens who were there just to watch cricket matches but also not showing any interest in cooperating in finding the other people in India.

India should at least live up to it’s promises made in the combined judicial committee.

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