Gilgit and Baltistan were part of Kashmir the Independence of the Subcontinent. British acquired the area on sixty years lease from Maharaja Hari Singh, the ruler of Kashmir. They returned the area to Hari Singh when they were retreating. Brigadier Ghansara Singh, Maharaja’s cousin and serving as the Brigade Commander in Sri Nagar was appointed as the Governor of Gilgit and Baltistan.

Scouts were under the command of British officer Major Brown with Captain Methi as his second in command. Subedar Major Babar was very popular among Scouts. When Hari Singh declared alliance of Kashmir with India, Subedar Major held Major Brown, Captain Methi in custody and besieged residence of Brigadier Ghansara Singh.

Brigadier Singh and those with him resisted whole night; kept firing from inside. Brigadier surrendered in the morning when he could not keep his wits about any more. Shah Rais was made in charge when the area was included in Pakistan.

Subedar Major Babar had done the brave action with just a section of fourteen Scouts.

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