Increasing Drug Addiction in Women

Normally the drug addiction is associated with men, and especially in Pakistan, it is is hard to imagine a female drug addict. But not any more.

Psychological stress and miseries induce women to find another way for releasing their mental pressure. Women are not very satisfied in each society as they were deprived of their basic rights. Stigma of drug addiction is increasing day by day particularly in women who become drug user owing to the psychological pressures.

There is no class difference as women of both upper lower and middle class involve in drug addiction particularly student. Even women who are professional know very well about nastiest results of drug but become addict of drugs and don’t admit. Researchers are human beings and their studies should be take seriously. Just conducting research and writing books is not solution of the problem.

Psychological pressure is key reason for the drug addiction of women. Most of them use drugs to compel Psychological pressure because they were victim of child abuse. Sometimes, women use drugs as a fun and gradually they become habitual of it.

Important thing is that people admit especially upper class hide all these things due to their status and position in society. Majority of women use drug due to their domestic circumstances and at that time sharing is important for releasing their mental pressure.

Women are half of the population of any country. They are the ones who make or break a nation. They are the fair sex, who add color, beauty and life to the world. Its highly important that their basic rights should be protected and full opportunities be provided to them to live a happy and relaxing life.

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