Incomplete Change

Though the nation has completed it’s celebration after they succeeded in bringing change on 18th February, 2008 and everyone is singing that the Pakistan has changed and this landscape has changed and now the forces of democracy will rule and justice will be free.

But when we see that there is no change whatsoever in our economic and law and order plight then frustration starts sinking in with full might. Though the new government is in place, almost all the key appointment including that of attorney general, the law secretary and key intelligence officers, who have been playing a crucial and critical role during the judicial crisis of Musharraf era to the benefit of the forces of status quo are still there and there is no thinking about removing them in near future.

Besides of that the current unrest in the FATA region and the emergence of flour shortage with full vengeance and the rapidly dismal load shedding has sucked the life out of people of Pakistan while government is still in shambles and don’t really know what to do.

If this state of affairs continue then it would be extremely unfortunate for the future of Pakistan

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