Incident of Quran in Greece

There has been a new incident of a non-Muslim destroying a copy of the Holy Book of Allah (swt). Athens News Agencies reported that on Wednesday, 20th May 2009, during one of the regular police checks at a Syrian-owned coffee shop, a police officer forcibly took a customer’s copy of Qur’an Al Hakeem and tore it up, threw it on the floor and finally stomped on it.

In retaliation hundreds of immigrant Muslims marched through central Athens on Thursday, smashing several shop windows and damaging five cars, reported by a police official.

The president of the Muslim Union of Greece, Naim Elghandour, said, “We were told by police we will be given the name of the policeman who did this so we can press charges”

Police sources have said that an internal investigation has been launched into this incident.

This incident once again raises the question that why are some people so offended just by looking at Our Holy Book. And what are they proving by destroying it? That they have the authority to do anything or that they are frustrated?

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