Inactive Election Campaign

Though there remains less than a month in the elections in Pakistan, the election campaign still hasn’t taken off. Partly because People’s Part is still in mourning, and intends to start the campaign after the forty days of mourning, and they will start their campaign from public meeting in Thatta, on 8th February.

The only party which seems very much energetic and active in their election campagin is the King’s Party, which goes by the name of PML-Q. They are holding public meetings and corner meetings in ample quantity, and they are releasing statements like hellfire, while giving plenty of derogatory ads in the newspapers against Nawaz Sharif and People’s Party.

Chaudhary Pervez Elahi is predicting that he will be the victor of elections quite easily, though he doesnt intend to get out of Punjab for convassing. He thinks that People’s Party doesnt have any future, and after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, it will disintegrate. He also thinks that there is no future of Nawaz Sharif , and there is no meaning and purpose in the campagin Nawaz Sharif. Pervez Elahi says that Nawaz Sharif at one time goes to Zia-ul-Haq’s tomb to seek guidance, and then goes to the tomb of Benazir to do the same.

How cruel of him. He is showing the same ruthlessness and degradation which they showed during their eight years of looting and plundering. Nawaz Sharif showed a very prudent approach, when he went to Naudero to condole with Bhutto family, and it did a lot to calm down the flames.

It would be a very sad day in Pakistan, if Pervez Elahi becomes the Prime Minister of this unfortunate country.

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