In the Rising Mercury

Life these days is totally over-shadowed by the rising temperatures every where. Every conversation starts and ends by mentioning how hot it is. Every problem, every error, every fight is being blamed on the weather.

It is too hot to even celebrate any occasion. The moments of weddings, birthdays, and other festivities have become a burden instead of source of joy. Sweat and relaxation doesn’t go by hand in hand. Remaining immaculate on these occasion is a very hard task, so for the comfort, a new fashion of wet and wrinkled shirt has appeared.

The heat records are fast becoming fragile in recent years. Every year, the heat records are broken and re broken. But this time, the record breaking thing is serious, as it has broken the record of seventy eight years. This way we have written a new chapter in the history of heated summers.

There is no escape from this summer’s heat. If you work in an office, which has the air-conditioning, at last you have to come home to face the music. If you are lucky enough to have AC at home, then there is always the menace of load shedding smiling over you sinisterly. The sufferers of heat, thus, shift the responsibility of all their suffering on the electricity people.

KESC in Karachi, LESCO in Lahore and IESCO in Islamabad have also broken all the records of incompetence. These institutes have also warned the populace to get ready for more music, and have also given the news that this “load management” would continue throughout the year.

Keeping apart all the facts and figures of how many mega watts are needed and how many are short, the gist of the problem is that people want power and there is not enough of it. In this scenario, some suffer more and some suffer less, but everyone suffers for sure.

The real dilemma is that people are fast dying because of the big cruel hot sun. Someone should wake somewhere real fast.

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