In the Line of Fire: A Memoir

Today Pakistan’s President Musharraf will appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote his autobiography. Keeping up with his commando image, the title of his autobiography is borrowed from the Clint Eastwood Hollywood movie ‘In the Line of Fire.’ Musharraf would be the first serving Pakistani Army Chief and President to publish his autobiography. Such a venture was attempted by the previous military ruler Ayub Khan but only after he was unseated from power. His book was supposed to be astonishing in reavealing fact about dozens of topics of intense interest to the world. However, the international media says that the book is “nothing short of a self-congratulatory election manifesto.”

One analyst observed that the General “has every intention of being re-elected and keeping his uniform, and his memoirs, divided into six sections with a Prologue and an Epilogue, are a clear attempt to show him as an international leader of stature able to transform a deeply conservative, often extremist, society into what he calls a modern and moderate Islamic state.”

Other observed that “this is an otherwise dry book devoid of any significant facts or insights into the generals life as he had managed to hide the truth behind a veil of lies and concoctions. However, this book may prove to be useful for academicians and defense strategists who can study the same and decipher a pattern of thinking in the generals mind.”

Looking forward to read his book and to read more views on his book…

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