In Pakistan, the big crooks always go free!

In Pakistan, you can get away with anything, if you have the right connections. During BB’s second stint in power (in 1994), a Chichawatni factory was able to extract a hundred seventy million from the government although it had claimed only one million. “Officials of the AGPR were asked to stay on duty for the whole night to ensure payment to the claimant on the directive of the prime minister,” according to a report. A more recent case is the write-off of bank loans amounting to approximately fifty five billion rupees after the 2002 general elections. The beneficiaries were ten senators belonging to five political parties including the MMA. So now we know why the National Reconciliation Ordinance was passed. The top crooks in the country can never be tried for their crimes!

So those Pakistanis who’re thinking of spending their hard-earned money to make their sons chartered accountants should think again. Politics is the one profession for which you don’t require a high IQ, and if you are absolutely unscrupulous, your chances of success are bright. All you have to do is to be an expert in flattering those who can help you get what you want, and if you can provide other services to them, you will find yourself richer beyond your dreams!

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