In a nutshell…

The people of Pakistan responded to a call for nationwide strike yesterday by opposition parties to protest against the violence in Karachi in which more than three-dozen died and hundreds got injured.

The shops, offices and educational institutes remained closed in Karachi but no major casualty happened mainly because of the shoot-on-sight orders issued by the government on Sunday.

Life has not been normal in Karachi since the tragic incident of Saturday, that reminded most people of 80’s and mid 90’s era. Why and how did it happen? The answer is obvious and known to almost every citizen.

Musharraf was severely criticized for sacking chief justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry – an act that reminded us that our president is an Army Chief. Now the MQM’s decision of supporting Musharraf at the extent to which it caused gun battle in Karachi, has brought discredit on the party.

With the elections coming up in November of this year (which explains why opposition parties are actively and dedicatedly supporting the chief justice case), both Mushrraf and MQM seem to be losing credibility among and support from the masses.

Chances are Musharraf, being key US ally, will be able to get elected for the next five years but the future of MQM appears obscure.

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