Importance of Language

The most important thing which I have experienced in any career is language (especially ENGLISH). If we have the language, we got this world in our feet. and we must not be only able to speak or understand, but it should be up to it’s perfection.

Our language can do many miracles. If we could be able to gain a good command over this language then, no one can stop us from success. In-fact, at this stage we really don’t have to work hard to move ahead, because automatically the crowd will push you to your desired position or status. There is a valid reason for this people’s behavior, otherwise they really don’t care. So, the reason is most of them don’t have words for presenting themselves or representing a group, or their community. This is obviously due to lack of their capability to speak out.

Here I want to give an example and this will prove my above statement.

If we look around us and analyze, beginning from our childhood to the age we are now, and from schools to the corporate where we are working now, in our relations, friends, locality, or any profession there will be at least one person who is governing, heading, directing, commanding, leading, supervising, managing or at the least suggesting a group or team. What do you think about such personalities? How they could able to stand? How come they are representing a group? What qualities did they possess? What they own different from others? Do you really think that they possess something extraordinary or unusual?

The truth is, that apart from a good hold in their respective subjects, they can communicate and make others understand well, they have the ability to answer, to question, to discuss, to negotiate, to convince, to influence, to impress, to satisfy, to assure, to solve, to comment, to criticize, to condemn, to accuse, to blame, to argue, to fight, they have the freedom to express their feelings and to present their talent. And they can do this it very easily. and believe me most of them were not born to be a winner. But still they could change their fate by implementing a winning strategy.

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