Implicating ISI in Mumbai Attacks

Indian Intelligence, media and all colors of pundits are clamoring in high pitch that Pakistan’s ISI is the outfit behind the Mumbai terror strikes and Indian should teach a lesson to the Pakistan. India’s this desire is habitually followed by the American intelligence and counterterrorism officials and their media and they accused very strangely that there was mounting evidence that a Pakistani militant group based in Kashmir, most likely Lashkar-e-Taiba, was responsible for this week’s deadly attacks in Mumbai.

In the same breath, these so called experts also told the world that they had reached no firm conclusions about who was responsible for the attacks, or how they were planned and carried out. Nevertheless, they said that evidence gathered in the past two days pointed to a role for some one across the border.

The way, the irresponsible way the Indians are reacting over the terrorist attack raises lots of question about the solidarity and resolve of India to actually solve the problem which is by all means is harboring within the “seemas (borders)” of its own country. All that crappy stuff about Laskhars and Jaishes and other things based somewhere in Pakistan and their backing by the ISI is an old story and it has achieved nothing before and not will achieve anything now.

1 thought on “Implicating ISI in Mumbai Attacks”

  1. This article is ‘classic’ of how people are simply blindly denying involvement of groups of extremist in pakistan or POK……Recent incident in Mumbai makes hard to digest of external involvement the way weapons/training terrorist had, the way jews were attacked . People in India agree that democratic government in Pakistan is not involved nor common man in pakistan….. but at the same time there are some areas ,groups in Pakistan which are beyond reach of Pak government.(That includes few ISI officials,Daud Ibrahim)
    And Pakistan government should work to take control of those….simply denying government involvement will not buy peaceful peoples vote.


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