Impeachment and Trial

President of hapless Pakistan, General (r) Pervez Musharraf seems to lost his way long ago, and now it is clear that he is standing alone today due to the willful wrath of nation and due to the political strategy of PPP and PML-N and they have succeeded in conveying people’s message to the international community that stability in Pakistan can only be possible through real democracy and not through dictatorship.

United States and the Army has got that message and they have left the dictator in the cold and now he is alone in the eye of the storm, and yet his stubbornness doesn’t relinquish him to go out gracefully. General Musharraf has over all these years violated and undermined the Constitution, and derailed the transition to democracy and he is still trying to do that again.

In terms of Article 41(1) of the Constitution, the office of the president represents the unity of the republic, but the retired general Musharraf has violated the same and has caused to promote inter-provincial tension, a deepened sense of deprivation, denied provincial autonomy, thus leading to weakening the federation. The restive situation in Balochistan and the NWFP is the manifestation of his diabolical policies.

Not only he must be impeached, he should also be tried.

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