Impeach Mush

Law Minister Farooq A Naek tried to play the double game, but due to the sagacity of PML-N leadership he was saved from himself quite right in time. Exactly when, yesterday, people were waiting for a joint declaration from the leadership of PML-N and PPP, at the height of people expectation frenzy about the much awaited result of the dialogue between the coalition partners, the PML-N leaders abruptly left the Zardari House, leaving the whole country shocked.

But then heads rolled and common sense and sanity prevailed in the cadres of the Pakistan People’s Party, and when they became certain that if they budge a little more on this issue, PML-N would certainly call it a quits. The law minister and a few others like Rehman Malik, Ahmad Mukhtar and Sherry Rehman in the government have been persuading the deposed judges since long to take a fresh oath to regain their lost positions.

But thankfully such people failed in front of the resolve of PML-N, and now the coalition partners have agreed to impeach Musharraf and to restore the judges. They must hurry it.

2 thoughts on “Impeach Mush”

  1. This thing will never end. After Musharraf is removed, PML-N will try to get the NRO revoked, while PPP will try to buy PML-N party members for support. The next few months are going to be very bad for the country!

  2. The people are still engulfed in doubt about when does this takes place or if it takes place. Thanks to the leadership of this country who very effectively put aside the real problems faced by the nation and kick start their drama as soon as the come into power. We as a nation have been squashed so hard and so many times now that the people are numb. Or is it the silence before a storm!?! Not sure. But one can safely deduce that “saving the government” timing sometime back lashes on the nation and ends up in despoistion of the government. Men dont follow titles and wealth, Men follow courage, if leaders follow the later the nation will rejuvenate itself.


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