Impeach Bush-Mush Legacy

American Congressman Dennis Kucinich gave official notice of his intention to file 35 articles of impeachment against Republican Party President George W. Bush to the US House of Representatives. On June 10, 2008, as Democratic Congressman Robert Wexler joined Kucinich as co-sponsor of the resolution. Dennis Kucinich has already introduced the resolution to impeach Bush to the house.

On the other hand in Pakistan, parliamentarian Hanif Abbassi of PML-N has forwarded the resolution to impeach President Pervez Musharraf and he is right now gathering up the signatures upon the resolution. Hanif Abbassi has been joined by Khurshid Shah of PPP, and the Zahid Khan of ANP has shown his solidarity.

My suggestion is that instead of wasting double efforts on the same goal, both houses should in one joint session, impeach the both buddies. It would be an exquisite display of alliance between the two countries, and would rekindle the Bush-Mush legacy.

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