Impacts of Depression

We all the victims of depression in our daily lives, no matter what ever we do, we face it every day. Depression is curbing our abilities and is the hidden enemy of our sound and healthy lives.

It is most dangerous for pregnant women, as scientific research has proved that when any pregnant woman is under depression, its hazards are directly faced by the unborn. Even when she gets out of it, the baby remains under depression for minimum 12 hours, not only this but it also affects the personality of the unborn.

“Depression shrinks the size our mind”, this research has been conducted by Chinese. It is like slow poison and affects our retention ability and causes forgetfulness. Depression is faced by all of us for different reasons like increased work load in office, inflation, problems in the relation of husband and wife, death of our loved ones etc. It is mostly faced by the students, especially in their exams, which becomes one of the factors of their failure. Realizing this, some institutions have started “Laugh Therapy”, as laugh is the best medicine and remedy of depression.

A large number of pharmaceutical companies have come up with the anti-depression pills but the basic problem with these pills is that they normally contain those chemical compounds that are not suitable for health and the regular usage creates their addiction. It is true that we can not completely get rid of depression but we can fight against it only by the means of our will power.

3 thoughts on “Impacts of Depression”

  1. Satan causes stress and depression and anxiety and excessive fear. offer 5 times salah and recite 3 quls and ayetal kursi thrice each time and blow breathe on ur body after every salah to keep urself safe from Satan whispering and also recite last 2 verses of surah baqrah every night and morning. read Quran as much as u can.

  2. I’m so depressed, have beemn depressed for 8 years.
    help me. I’m muslim, and for that reason, and only that reason, i dont kill myself. but life is sooooooooo hard to live now.

  3. Depression is caused by many factors. People try to numb their minds by watching a movie, listening to music and in extreme cases, doing drugs. All these forms of haram end up increasing your depression.

    Depression is caused by doing sins. Yes, there can be a case where a coward beats his wife causing her pain and depression but in general, depression is caused by sins.

    A lot of people pray 4-5 times a day and yet they are depressed. They read the quran and do zikr and yet they are depressed. Before i tell you why this happens let me give you an example. If a person goes to a doctor suffering from a cold and takes medicine but at the same time also eats ice-cream
    will he become better? No.

    Similarly praying , zikr etc will cure depression only if a person stays away from sins.

    Major sins include treating your parents, wife and kids with desrespect and looking at other women. It is the right of a wife that a man does not even look at other women except his wife and vice versa. An ayah in the quran mentions that believing men and women lower their gaze.


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