Immitation is never Hit…

Star Plus, the Indian Channel, has been showing a very super program “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” and now its sequels. The program really makes you laugh from the inside and you feel very light after watching it. The Pakistanis’ have tried to imitate it. They have produced a “Super Kararey”. Well it hardly makes us laugh. There are no quality jokes and even there is no effort except narration.

Well also like the “Kaun Banay Ga Karorepati”, there is “Kismat Ka Sikandar” or a name like that. Just trying to imitate the ideas! Don’t Pakistanis’ have their own ideas?

When I come to see such programs, I never enjoy because each imitated program lacks that standard and glamour, presented in the real program.

I have noticed people just mocking over and criticizing such programs rather than enjoying. A thing that has the original idea is always hit, the rest is just rubbish.

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