Imagine There’s No Heaven

An army tank pointing towards the peace institution looks odd. They say, people from baghdad and all over the civilized cities of the world used to come and learn the truthts of life. A neat and hilly road that runs through Taxila cantt. and leads to the Julian University. One of the best learning place of it own time.The road is about 15 feet wide and clean all the way. If you travel in summer or spring, you can hardly fing any sapce which is not covered with lush green grass. An artificial canal also runs along the road. Its about 40 Kms from the capital Islamabad. A valley that contains most of the defence organizations, A lake called khanpor dam, Gardens of export quality world class citrus fruits, Punjab’s second largest Engineering University, A youth hostel along with PTDC Motel, A museum of ancient civilization of Taxila, several ancient ruins and all this is within that 20 km patch of hilly road I mentioned.

Julian Univercity is one those ancient ruins. It is somehow in much better condition than the other ruins like Moda Maradho, Sirkup and Jandial. The strange concept of seven earth and seven sky adds to the beauty at Moda Maradho. They belief that if you make a wish by putting your finger in the belly of one of the statue there, the comes true.

I have spent four long years in that valley studying my engineering classes and i love all four weathers of that dream land. Even winter comes with amazing colors, like firstly the leafs of trees become greenish yellow, then yellow and then whole tree becomes orange. And ofcource, how can i forget the continuous rains that wash out the atmosphere to crystal clear. I shall always be enjoying those golden days.


(An extract from my diary)

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