Illegal Way for Judges

The co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party, Janab Asif Ali Zardari has uttered some more gems before giving stern warning that these are not Quranic verses or Hadith, and he has said that he is through and through a thorough gentlemen with a lively finger on the constitutional matters and he has been well supported by the creepy lawmakers like Farooq H. Naek.

Zardari has at last opened up his mind and has also revealed majestically that he is all to restore the judges, but actually it was Nawaz Sharif who wanted to restitute the judges through unlawful means and at least Zardari wasn’t the one to adopt the illegal and unconstitutional way to resurrect the deposed judges.

Zardari said that he was in sync with the departed general (r) Musharraf that judges should be restored through constitutional package and they couldn’t be restored through an executive order.

One should politely ask the dementia candidate for president, as how the four judges of Lahore High Court have been restored, without the constitutional package?

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