Ignorance vs Rising Suicides!

The present pathetic state of governance has effected nearly every segment of our society, but undoubtedly its those living marginally above and below the poverty line who are on the real receiving end. Sky rocketing prices of daily use articles, increasing unanswered taxes on service as well as the growing unemployment is working as a “slow poisoning pill” for the above mentioned class.

Its quite natural that the masses, getting impatient and frustrated have chosen an easy escape from the prevailing situation by committing suicides and this trend is on the rise sadly. In the past few weeks numerous clipping have flashed on our media screen with reports of “family suicides”. To elaborate this term, it’s a situation where the entire family is forced to end their “home sweet home” dream due to the prevailing economic and social crisis.

I am not sure regarding the authenticity of these figures but a recent published report claimed that on a daily basis 15 souls commit suicide in Pakistan. I am quite certain that if its true, this figure has dramatically jumped in the past few years. Our executives and policy makers can come up with a million excuses, but the reality is that this silent genocide has more to do with their ignorance towards the well being of the masses, rather those natural hazards.

The global recession and the followed downsizing is usually blamed for the rising unemployment by our policy makers, agreed. Having said this, its also true that in this process it was the lower scale which was caught in the firing lane while highly paid executive post holders walked away with additional bonuses. Our law has minimal security in this sector and its an open secret. While the books of entrepreneurship stress great importance on running the organization as a family structure, I have failed to find a justification in the book of sociology where a family abandons its members in hard times.

Secondly , an ignorance towards the energy crisis has also played its part in this bloody episode. While they remain stuck in the discussion of rental power or new dams, small industries across Pakistan closed in a matter of months. With this, the segment mentioned above had no other option but to turn to starvation and ultimately suicide. Whatever remained left was destroyed by terrorism all across Pakistan and now we have a state where 15 lives end due to remedy for their hunger. With this coming from ignorance, nature has also decided to punish us for our evil deeds. The recent flooding, worst in history will play its part in the long term.

All across KPK, Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan standing crops and fertile fields have been destroyed by the water. Keeping the track record of their “ignorance” I am certain that the executives will shift the burden of their rehabilitation to the unseen forces.

To make my point clear, our farmers and their families will be in a situation similar to what we saw in bollywood new offer “ Peepli Live” . Gone are the days where the death of a hungry dog was considered as a merit of failed governance. Sadly dying families today have no impact on our executives who are still heard saying “ no matter where you guys end up, we are here for our 5 years term”

May ALLAH bless them with a human heart and caring soul… Ameen.

2 thoughts on “Ignorance vs Rising Suicides!”

  1. The present choatic situation of paksitan proves the failure of the government. Although pakistan is gifted with all types natural services, still the masses are living in misery. Pakistan is very young country as it’s been around for 63 years as an independent nation. If we look at the economy of this country, 45% are farmers and 55% are engaged in all kinds of services and industries. Pakistan is one of the world largest producers of cotton. There is a strong textile industry throughout the country. It is an overwhelmingly Islamic country yet a democratic state. On the one hand around 40% children do not go to schools but at the same time there are segments of population highly educated. Pakistan has produced Silicon Valley IT experts, doctors, engineers and bankers who are working all around the world including Europe and America. There are more than 20 thousands doctors working in United States of America. Having said that, pakistan has the potential to be developed nation but the problem lies on the leadership side. For the prosperity, it is necessary to respect the merit and eradicate corruption. But again the question rises that how would this happen and who is going to take initiative. The answer to this question is unknown.

  2. Common people of pakistan have been enduring the giant problems of Inflation , unemployment and government corruption for a few years. Pakistanis get ready for another blow! Your government is going to impose three different taxes of Rs.80 billion. These taxes are reformed GST, increase in the percentage of income tax from 2-3% to 10% and a high-amount property tax for urban areas. The most cruel part of these ruthless taxes is that they would be imposed on the middle and lower class only. No tax is going to be imposed on the upper or the elite class. It is time to wake up. How would the already suffering people of pakistan be able to pay these cruel taxes . Why don’t our corrupt rulers impose taxes on the riches ? Why don’t they impose agriculture tax ?. The answer is simple that the elite class is actually the ruling class. I don’t see anything stopping the imposition of these taxes so get ready for the miserable life waiting for you. Pakistan is a poor country for its common people only because the elite class of our country has a life style which is highly luxurious than the rich people of western countries. What is the need of a 90-minister-cabinet. According to Transparency international a single minister’s expenditure is Rs.1 lac per day. Yes , you heard me right, it is rupees One lac per day. So how can one say that pakistan is a poor country. Pakistan is a poor country but for its common people only.


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