If democracy fails!

“The PPP, PML-N, ANP, and JUI-F coalition government has failed to fulfill its commitment it had made during the electioneering.” Deputy Opposition leader in National Assembly and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid NWFP President Amir Muqam makes this statement. He alleged that the ruling coalition government would be held responsible for failure of democracy in Pakistan, as no steps have been taken so far to relief the people of Pakistan. He further stated that the peace agreement amid the provincial government of ANP and militants was signed without any consultation with its partners and later the government did not fulfill the terms of the deal with militants.

It has been observed that the opposition parties in the name of constructive criticism make such statements. Nevertheless, one must understand that there are a number of upheavals in such peace deals. The menace of terrorism usually has hidden motives that peace agreements cannot hold for long.

It will not be wrong to put it this way that since independence, the course to follow democracy had been the most exhausting one for both the ruling parties and the military. Blaming any government or coming hard on any party is not a just role identified by the opposition.

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