Ibne Rashid

Edward Gibbon wrote in his book A History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (published in 1776) that Christianity brought ignorance to the West. It made for the decline and fall of Rome by sapping the faith of the people in the official religion. Christians believed in the imminent end of this world, they all put their thoughts in the “next” world.

This other-worldly attitude proved most disastrous to the West, since the Christians, instead of serving the state and the public good, diverted men from useful employments and encouraged them to concentrate on heavenly and private salvation.

The knowledge was limited to the Church functionaries only. And they instead of research were writing stories about supernatural power saints and mystics. These Church functionaries were engaged in superfluous discussions without any substance: Whether Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him) had the navel? Before going up to the skies whether the Christ (A.S.) ate the fresh bread or was it stale? How many angles can stand on tip of the needle? Their only job was to tarnish scientific facts and philosophy to augment their beliefs.

Death was the penalty to do any enlightening work against their beliefs. Brono was burnt alive. Galileo saved himself by withdrawing his statement (that the earth moves round the sun). Copernic could not publish his book during his life.

The era between fifth and fifteenth century (AD) is considers as a dark period because the church during this period had restrained every independent thought whereas the Muslim kept the learning quest alive in Spain, Baghdad, Damascus; translating Greek works in Arabic. Jews took the translations of Razi, Ibne Sina and Ibne Rashid to west, which stimulated westerners. Greek scholarly people chased by Turks also arrived in Italy and started teaching there.

Ibne Rashid was the man to liberate thoughts of humanity at that time. He presented his concept of religious and philosophical realities as two independent truths. Students of Ibne Rashid successfully debated against fundamentalist Christians. That is when scientific revolution was initiated and we see the results today.

The present age in this way is courtesy of the Muslims lead by Ibne Rashid.

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